Unethical practices - drug industry

JFFIII jffiii at aol.com
Thu Sep 7 08:38:12 EST 1995

It appears there is some concern on the part of at least one individual in
our group about the abundance of promotional literature in doctors'
offices.  He or she stated that if they enter an office with a lot of
promotional literature, they leave (not a quote but a paraphrase).  I
would offer a caveat concerning that.  Do not confuse "promotional"
literature with material provided by companies for patient information. 
Occasionally some of that material is junk; however, the vast body of
literature that is provided is of genuine value.  My company provides a
very substantial amount of literature with the purpose of assisting the
physicians to clarify issues concerning particular diseases.  As an
example, we have one that discusses prostate cancer, what it is, how it is
diagnosed, staging, treatment options without bias toward any particular
one, and places where patients can receive more information on prostate
cancer and cancer in general.  There is absolutely no mention of our
product in the booklet and there is no wording that would bias a patient
toward a particular treatment.  The only place my company is even
mentioned is on the outside back cover.  Many companies provide useful and
valuable information that should be read by physicians (so they will no
what they are handing out), nurses and patients.  After all, we are an
integral part of the medical team and have obligations not just to our
employees and stockholders, but to patients and all members of the medical
                                          Best regards to all,    John

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