Did anyone know whether the Epon-embedded nerve X-section tissue be re-used for immunocytochemistry

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>Subject: Re: Did anyone know whether the Epon-embedded nerve X-section tissue be
>re-used for immunocytochemistry
>Date: 6 Sep 1995 02:24:26 GMT

 We have succesfully used for immunocytocehmistry tissue that was almost 10 
years old and processed for routine EM: Osmicated for an hour and embedded in 
Epon/Araldite using routine procedures. Then we did immunocytochemistry in 
postembedding using colloidal gold techniques and we were succesfull with 
GABA, Substance P and CGRP antibodies. We did not try enough, but suspect it 
will also work with glutamate antibodies.Howver many other antibodies never 
worked. I guess you will need to try in your tissue, with your antigens and 
your antibodies but it is definitively feasible in some situations.

Look for Alvarez et al., (1992) J. Neuroscience 12(8): 2901-2917
& Alvarez et al., (1193) J. Comp. Neurol. 329: 472-490

Inside we give references for the original procedures and discuss any pitfalls 
or methodological questions we have encountered.  

Francisco J. Alvarez
Research Assistant Professor
Wright State University
Dayton, OH

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