limb girdle spinal muscular atrophy

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Fri Sep 8 11:55:31 EST 1995

For a short overview i recommend Victor and Adams "Principles of 
Neurology", fifth edition. In my "international edition" on page 1220 
and the following.
There is some confusion with terminology. The authors call these 
diseases "Limb-Girdle Dystrophies (Scapulohumeral and Pelvifemoral 
Muscular Dystrophy). Walton et al. grouped it as "limb-girdle dystophies 
of Erb." The desease seems to overlap with Duchenne-Becker and 
Landouzy-Déjerine types. The authors cite an old article which was 
written by Lamy and de Grouchy: "l´hérédité de la myopathie (formes 
basses). J Génetique Humaine 3:219,1954.
Hope You can get these articles;
Joachim v. Zahn

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