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Dear Rifle:  I just answered the cancer bit in the post before this for 
Dr. Robin.  However, it caused brain tumors in rats, and not in high 
(Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 4, Number 4 Winter 1991).  
This has been peer reviewed.  There were other cancers also including 
mammary tumors, ovarian tumors, etc.

A Board of Inquiry was convened by the FDA because of this problem and 
said not to approve aspartame because of the brain tumors and seizures.
Dr. ARthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA, over-ruled his own Board of Inquiry
and approved it anyway.  Then he went to work for Searle's Public 
Relation's firm and refused to speak to the press for 10 years!  

In Dr. Roberts paper he said: "The title of this article should disturb 
seasoned clinicians.  It suggests that several major human cancers may be 
caused or influenced by an additive currently being consumed by more than 
half the population."  Be concerned when you see youngsters with 
lymphoma. We're trying to get records on those with astrocytomas because 
they are rare, and yet were produced by aspartame.  No brain tumor 
registry says they keep account of these, and one told me: "We were told 
not to record them."

Dr. H. J. Roberts just published a new report in an excellent peer review 
journal (1632 NEUROLOGY 45 August 1995) having to do with Aspartame and 
headache.  He goes into how they tested aspartame, not using real world 
products.  He's speaking about the tests that are suppose to prove it safe.
Actually it was never proven safe and if you would like to read 250 pages 
of research, a whole lot about the tests I'll be glad to email it to you, 
and also case histories taken off the net.

Did I ever give you instructions to the auto-responder?.  Also, I have an 
interesting post on how aspartame blinds you.  

Dr. Roberts also just wrote a new position paper on aspartame and 
pregnancy, children and infants.

Betty Martini
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