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Since you want recent information I would refer you to a book that has 
just been published called Defense Against Alzheimers Disease by Dr. H. 
J. Roberts.  It has already been nominated for a Pulitzer.  You can get 
it by calling 1 800 - 814-9800 or writing H. J. Roberts, M.D., 300 27th 
Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407.  Dr. Roberts has done 30 years of 
research on Alzheimers and this recently published book gives the facts 
of his research.

But I can tell you that aspartame marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, etc. is 
escalating it.  Here in the U.S. Alzheimers, a 20th century disease, is 
now the 4th leading cause of death - there are 250,000 new cases each 
year, 100,000 deaths and 50% of all patients in nursing homes including 
mature baby-boomers have Alzheimers.  Dr. Roberts goes into this in his book.

If you want more information about NutraSweet please email me for 
auto-responder instructions.


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> Can someone tell me where I can found sites about Alzheimer on Internet
> (Usenet,WWW). I am interested in lab techniques and recent discoveries.
> Thank you in advance    
>                          dr. Han McHandle
>                      Universita' di Roma, Italia
>                      Dipartimento di Biologia

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