Distributor for Permount in Germany or USA?

Jerry Clayton claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu
Thu Sep 7 22:50:34 EST 1995

Markus Wallstein <b10q at alf.zfn.uni-bremen.de> wrote:
>I'm searching for an address of a german or, if not available, an
>european or american distributor of Permount(R). Permount is a minimal
>fading embedding medium for histology on the basis of nonpolar solvents.
>Thank you very much
>Markus Wallstein

Permount is available from Fisher Scientific which has a german branch.  The part # for this product is sp15-100 (100ml) or sp15-500 (500ml).  Their address in Germany is as follows:
udo Fleischhacker GmbH
Binnerheide 33
5840 Schwerte/Ruhr
Tel. 011 49 2304 4780


Kuhn + Bayer GmbH
Liebigstr. 16
61130 Nidderau
Tel. 011 49 6187 20190

Your might also try using a mounting media called D.P.X. distributed by Aldrich (now owned by Sigma).  It workd very well and is reputed to cause less silver grain faiding when mounting radioactive labelled tissue sections used for in situ hybridization experiments.  Its part # is 31,761-6 and comes in 100ml bottles.  Aldrich is also a US company but does not have any international offices.  Their US address and phone # is as follows:

Aldrich Chemical Company
P.O. Box 2060
Milwaukee, Wisconson 53201 USA
Tel. 414-273-3850

Hope this helps!  Good Luck!
Jerry Clayton
Dept. of Neurology
Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center

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