dopamine receptor agonists and operant behavior

Peter Hood Peter at
Sat Sep 9 04:16:39 EST 1995

In article: <4166gc$92a at>  mglinws at (MGLinWS) writes:

> Does anyone know of any studies, published or unpublished, that have
> described the effects of specific agonists of the dopamine D2 receptor,
> such as quinpirole, on operant behavior ?  What about blocking these
> effects with a specific antagonist, such as raclopride or eticlopride ? 
> (I have searched Medline and not found much.)  

As I am separated from a lot of my library I cannot give you any refs..
However, if you do a 'Psyclit' search on 'Paul Willner', I think that
you should find some work <rats, of course>.

If I find anything worth while I will post it for you.


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