Pictures of dye injected cells?

Richard Norman rnorman at
Sat Sep 9 12:12:08 EST 1995

Are there any images of dye injected single neurones suitable for 
illustrating lectures (actually, a departmental seminar on Neuroethology
for Biologists, Chemists, and Physicists).

I prefer insect/arthropod cobalt pictures, especially a set illustrating
consistency/differences between individuals/species -- but any pretty
pictures would be nice.

Of course, I do have all the standard textbook pictures (D. Young, Nerve
Cells and Animal Behavior, Cambridge U Press '89 seems particularly good,
here) and journals, but stuff "hot off the net" using our fancy projection
screen multimedia computer in the lecture hall seems to be "de rigeur" --
it somehow impresses far more than the same picture slapped on an overhead

Richard Norman
Department of Natural Sciences
University of Michigan - Dearborn
rnorman at

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