strabismus, corpus callosum and area 17 cells

Quessy Stephan quessys at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Sun Sep 10 15:33:46 EST 1995

I have some results that are giving me some problems interpreting.  I did recordings in area 17 of:  1-cats with unilateral esotropia (ESO).  2-cats with unilateral esotropia and section of the optic chiasm (ESO+X).  3-cats with unilateral esotropia, section of the optic chiasm and corpus callosum (ESO+X+CC).  The cells of the ESO+X have very poor spatial resolution but better than ESO.  So we say that the optic chiasm may be partially responsible for the loss of spatial resolution but there is something e
lse involved.  If we cut the CC to get the ESO+X+CC group, the spatial resolution is almost normal suggesting that the CC was the missing "something else".  The problem is that there is no binocular cells in the ESO+X group, which means that no cell in that group receives an excitatory callosal input.  How does the CC could interfere with the spatial resolution of those cells if they're not receiveng callosal input?  Any hypothesis you could give me would be very well appreciated. Thank you very much.
Stephan Quessy

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