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Paul Rodway paulro at epunix
Sun Sep 10 16:06:55 EST 1995

Roy Jacobs (rjacobs at wrote:
: Is there still research on Smart Drugs. I read a story on Smart Drugs in 
: Rolling Stone several years ago. The research was being done by UC at 
: Berkley.  Are they still doing this research, or is anbody else 
: researching this. Has there been any papers published on this subject. 
: The reason Im asking is that im doing a paper in a survry Psyc class.
: Any info or you know of places where i can find some please let me know.

: 			Rjacobs

  There is a lot of research in the Pharmaecutical industry to see
whether drugs enhance cognition and memory. The main motive is to try to
produce a drug which alleviates the symptoms of Alzheimers disease. At
present the evidence for cognitive enhancing drugs is fairly weak. THA,
(tetra-hydro aminocride) is available for Alzheimers patients, and has
been shown to have some positive effects on cognition. It is unclear
whether this drug directly enhances memory or acts via its effects on
attention (see Sahakian et al)

 Other drugs which have been shown to enhance attentional processes are
nicotine and physostigmine, though their effects on memory appear to be
less consistent.

Do'nt believe what you read in magazines or fringe books, the majority
of them are missleading and may give dangerous information.

If there was a powerful and safe cognitive enhancer then a
drug company would be selling it now and making millions in the process.
As this is not the case, dont be fooled into believing information which
suggests that such drugs do exist.

The best place to look for information is in the appropriate journals
such as 'Psychopharmacology', and 'Pharmacology biochemistry and


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