Alpha wave Research Info

Zeeshan Kazmi zhk69414 at
Mon Sep 11 13:20:45 EST 1995

    	I need your help. Recently has appeared in Spain a new bogus
    fringe medicine. Two companies are selling an apparatus produces
    to cure inmsonia, to study better...
    the Consumer Assoc. has sent us one of these wonderful devices and
they want,
    as soon as possible, a study of it. The dept of electronics of my
    is studying it now. But I need all information you could send me
about the
    	* Relaxation-Concentration-Alfa waves alleged relationship.
    	* Clinical tests about inducing "alfa states"
    	* biochemical mechanisms that explain this (if there is
    Please, if you have information (references, reviews, tests) about
this items 
    (or others related with them) send it as soon as possible to:
    sabadell at
    or to the Spanish committee
    aptdo 1516
    E-50080 Zaragoza
    Many, many thanks in advance
    	      	    Miguel A. Sabadell
    dept of Theoretical Physics        Vicepresident of ARP
    Univ. of Zaragoza

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