Unethical practices - drug industry

Steven B. Harris sbharris at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 12 03:42:06 EST 1995

>maikai at aol.com (MAIKAI) writes:
>>>>>It appears there is some concern on the part of at least one
>>our group about the abundance of promotional literature in doctors'
>>offices.  He or she stated that if they enter an office with a lot of
>>promotional literature, they leave (not a quote but a paraphrase).<<<
>>NO NO NO!!! I said promotional "items" not literature. By items I
>>computers with the drug company's name plastererd all over it,
>>etc......items that are given as gifts to docs---with the drug
>>name and drug in plain view.  Literature---particularly brochures
>>outline adverse side effects of drugs and symptoms to be aware of is
>>good idea.....since not all docs or pharmacists tell the patients of
>>adverse effects, or why they are even prescribing the drug.      

   Could you post the names of drug companies who give briefcases and
computers to doctors?  Somehow I've always missed them and got nothing
but the lousy pens.

                                             Left Out,

                                             Steve Harris, M.D.

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