Unethical practices - drug industry

J Aldridge aldridge at netcom.com
Tue Sep 12 01:18:44 EST 1995

maikai at aol.com (MAIKAI) writes:

>>>>After all, we are an
>integral part of the medical team and have obligations not just to our
>employees and stockholders, but to patients and all members of the medical

>I think pharmacists(with no ties to any one pharmaceutical company) 
>should be part of the medical team, and paid an appropriate consultant's
>fee (like other medical professionals)---particularly when there are
>patients that take multiple medications.  

I've had pharmacists chae a separate prescription fee but usually it's 
included in the mark-up of the drug. Computer programs don't cost that much
and most pharmacies are installing them to attract steady customers. So
easy to answer questions only once and stick with the same drugstore. 
Around here we have very professional pharmacists who give quite good
briefings on the drugs and their sides effects, potential hazards, and what
not to mix with them. A druggist has to be careful not to practice medicine
however and isn't able to dispute what a doctor prescribes (with the
patient). They are able to refer the patient back to the doctor or call the
doctor for clarification and that is what they normally do. 


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