migraine prevention -- Tepper's "co-pharmacy" approach

Wayne Pendley waynep at tirebiter.com
Tue Sep 12 07:54:51 EST 1995

When one has an "n" of 1, one's research methods must be different than 
when one is running rats through mazes and various chemical cocktails.

Then the n of "1" is one's wife one also treats the "subject" differently 
than one's rats.

*My wife* has been carefully examined, diagnosed, and treated by a range 
of neurologists, chronic pain specialists, the Duke Pain Clinic, and 
everyone short of the Wizard of Oz.  They all did the best they could 
with what paltry scientific knowledge of severe migraines is had at this 

During all this, a woman I love would get headaches so severe I once saw 
her fall like a felled pine tree, flat on her face on a hardwood floor.  
Yes, she hit her face.  No, she didn't feel it -- the pain of the 
migraine had rendered her unconscious.

(I didn't think to tell her to gargle with saltwater.  :-<    )

Does anyone have any research (good) or actual field trial experience 
(better) with Tepper's "co-pharmacy" approach for migraine prevention?

Wayne Pendley


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