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Hi Paul - Not sure about the lesion literature, but here is a ref you
might be interested in - The Research Imaging Center @ San Antonio,
Texas has something they call BrainMap - the URL is

Here is an extract from their description:
BrainMap: A Database of Human Functional Brain

Jack L. Lancaster, Peter T. Fox, Gwendolyn Davis, Shawn Mikiten 

Research Imaging Center
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 

	Neuroscience is composed of numerous research communities,
each with its own experimental models, methods, and terminologies. No
single database can serve all of neuroscience; rather, a database must
target a specific community. The Human Brain Database (BrainMap) is a
tool for meta-analysis of the human functional brain-mapping
literature. Initial development has targeted positron-emission
tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as
model communities. The PET brain-mapping community is an obvious
starting point for a database of human functional neuroanatomy because
the field is sufficiently mature and methods for data analysis and a
system for reporting locations of findings are
standardized. Application of these standards is almost universal for
PET functional activation studies, greatly facilitating database
development. Although rich, the PET and fMRI literature based on these
standards is still of manageable size, making this an opportune time
for a database initiative. BrainMap is sufficiently generic that it
can serve as a model for databases for other types of human
brain-mapping data and will likely be extended to include them.

As "the organizing structure for information about the brain is
neuroanatomy, which provides a construct for the functional expression
of brain activity, ... it will be necessary to conjoin anatomy and
function...." (Pechura and Martin). BrainMap's design is derived from
this goal of relating function and location. The design also reflects
the standards and structure of PET brain-mapping data, the needs and
knowledge base of projected users, and extensible software development
strategies, all with the intent of developing a shareable resource for
investigating brain function.

BrainMap consists of a set of software tools, BrainMap Entry and
BrainMap Search and View, which interface with an Oracle relational
database management system (RDBMS). The purpose of BrainMap is to
promote the user's ability to understand the functional anatomy of the
human brain through rapid, exhaustive access to image-derived research
on human functional neuroanatomy. BrainMap relates brain locations to
human behaviors and data sources; for any brain region, the behavioral
conditions believed to support that behavior can be retrieved.


You may also be interested in looking at the Human Brain Map
list-of-projects -


	This address is not responding at present, but once it comes
back up you will probably find some other relevant projects there.

	Good luck and please post the results of your search.

mfradhof at wrote:
: For a research project I'm looking for a database in which I
: can store information on brain lesions. I'm thinking of a
: brain template based database were the lesion site is marked
: and were data on characteristics and size are stored in a text
: field.
: Is anyone aware of the existence of such a database? Please
: let me know on my e-mail address (Hofman at RAD.RULIMBURG.NL).
:                          Thanks,
:                          Paul.

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