two-electrode volt. clamp on oocytes

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> A year or so ago I evaluated a couple two-electrode oocyte clamps for our lab,
> and gained some interesting insights into the performance of TEV clamps on
> Xenopus oocytes.  I created a couple documents for our lab's use.
> Looking at the zillions of papers and abstracts using the technique, I thought
> my observations might be useful to others, hoping to get the best data they
> can.  The documents (which I call 'The TEV Report' and 'The TEV Report: part
> II') describe some serious limitations of TEV clamping on oocytes, and how to
> get around some of them.
> I have installed the information on the web:
> If you do two-electrode voltage clamping on Xenopus oocytes (or are just
> interested in the technique), you might want to take a look.
> I hope the information is useful.
> I welcome suggestions/comments.
> -Dave Featherstone
> davef at

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