Unethical practices - drug industry

MAIKAI maikai at aol.com
Tue Sep 12 19:51:39 EST 1995

sbharris at ix.netcom.com (Steven B. Harris ) writes:

>>>Could you post the names of drug companies who give briefcases and
computers to doctors?  Somehow I've always missed them and got nothing
but the lousy pens.<<<

Were they MontBlanc or Waterman, by any chance?  You mean you actually
bought your first stethoscope? (not a gift from a drug co?)  Groan, you've
forced me to go through my stacks of literature........I'll give you the
"referrals" this weekend when I have more time.  I did read that the docs
that were good customers tended to get the good stuff......so perhaps you
can't be bought..... and the drug reps could see that....and nowadays,
blatant expensive gifts are illegal...I do think the bogus study
reimbursements are still being done, though. 

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