Unethical practices - drug industry

MAIKAI maikai at aol.com
Tue Sep 12 19:06:26 EST 1995

aldridge at netcom.com (J Aldridge) writes:

>>>For example, my gastroenterologist gave me a packet of Fiber-Con a
couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sold on the idea of trying it but since I
didn't have to go out and buy the first one I used it. Now that I like it
find that it's the only brand on the pharmacy shelves.<<<

See, it works!!!  You get one month's supply, and then you're hooked, and
continue buying it.  Personally, free samples do not particularly bother

>>>This is an area where professional standards can be imposed. Basically,
medical societies can state where the line is drawn on accepting gifts
pharmaceutical companies. And the public can dictate to the medical
societies, a letter to their committees might to the trick.<<<

Problem with professional standards is that the Medical Licensing Boards
are responsible for enforcing them.....many states have a lousy track
record for taking disciplinary action as it is for more serious
violations---think they'll care about a free gift here and there?  I do
believe the AMA has (finally) taken a stand on this, and has stated they
are not in favor of some of some of the bribery that went on in the
past---any coincidence it was a politically correct stand to take?  Best
thing the public can do is become aware of the marketing and advertising
practices, and practice "caveat emptor" (buyer beware)---like in any other
business dealings.  

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