Unethical practices - drug industry

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>sbharris at ix.netcom.com (Steven B. Harris ) writes:
>>   Could you post the names of drug companies who give briefcases and
>>computers to doctors?  Somehow I've always missed them and got
>>but the lousy pens.
>>                                             Left Out,
>>                                             Steve Harris, M.D.
>Perhaps you are working to hard and not seeing the right sales reps. 
Last year
>every pharmacist where I work (abit in Canada) got an Italian Leather
>briefcase from the Claritin sales rep (cute little calculator and 
>pen included).  I've got pens and pads of paper coming out of my
>ears (as well as apo-tex socks, novo-pharm cookie jar, benedryl 
>sweatshirt, Procotor and Gamble cassette holder case, etc, etc....)
>I won't even mention the free pizza every month from the Abbott sales
>the dinners put on by Glaxo, ........
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   Maybe they give better stuff to pharmacists than just the front line
docs.  Or maybe it is a Canadian thing.   I have gotten my share of
free pizza lunches.  I felt it my obligation to prescribe many an
expensive and dangerous drug for no particular reason afterwards, too,
or at least until I got hungry again.  A Benedryl sweatshirt, eh?  What
color?  Does it have a dry-mouthed allegator on the tit, asleep?

                                             Steve Harris, M.D.


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