Structure of the Optical Nerves ??

The Neon Antichrist anon007 at
Tue Sep 12 14:24:27 EST 1995

>A friend of mine is blind on one eye. Isn't it possible
>To connect light sensors (or a complete optical camera chip)
>to the optical nerve in the eye ?

In Time magazine (back two months or so, the cover feature was 
technology) there was a paragraph on "bionics", it described a link with the 
optical nerve that allows any type of visual output (camcorder, VCR) to be 
used as input for the "eye"-link.  If I remember correctly this device has 
actually been built (or is very close to being so).  

I'll try to dig up that issue of Time, but the current state my room is in, it is 
unlikely that I will find it before the end of the week.  Maybe someone has 
read the issue too?  If so, please reproduce the paragraph here, as there are 
some gaps in my memory, so my account could be inaccurate.

>Like touch and heat/cold sensations.
The article in question also spoke of an artificial hand that interfaced with 
the nerve system and provided touch (heath/cold ??) feedback as well as full 
control.  Again, wether this has been built or is being developped, I don't 


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