A Devastating Blood Clot

Louis Geller lgeller at csulb.edu
Tue Sep 12 23:43:55 EST 1995

	Approximately one month ago, my fiancee, Eileen, passed away from 
Superior Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis.  She was only twenty four years old.
	This is absolutely awful, and I am having a very rough time 
dealing.  Needless to say, she was my life.
	I am a Graduate Student in Cell and Molecular Biology.  I am 
searching for medical answers.  I feel this will help me tremendously.
	This all happened very fast.  She was basically healthy, except 
for some headaches, and an ear infection (treated with amoxicillin).  
She was otherwise healthy.  Eileen was on the PILL. This condition went 
undected, untill it was too late.
	I would like to know:
	1) How common this condition is in women of her age.
	2) What are the major contributing factors.  Eileen did not 
drink, smoke, or do drugs.  I mean other conditions.
	3) What are the warning signs?
	4) Exactly how does the blood clot form?  
	5) How long does it take?
	6) Any other information.

	I realize I am asking several questions, but would really 
appreciate any information you could give me.  If you know a neurologist, 
please pass this on.
	I will likely devote my research career to medical research, in a 
field related to this.  
	Perhaps, it would be best to respond here, or else, e-mail me.
	My name is Louis Geller, and my address is:
	lgeller at csulb.edu

	Thank You for your assistance,
	Louis Geller

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