Femoral Nerve Injury

JRSCHOTT jrschott at aol.com
Tue Sep 12 19:21:04 EST 1995

obviously, can't give any but general points over the net. femoral nerve
compression by iliacus hamatoma (ie, on the iliopsoas muscle) is pretty
well known, the usual case being a complication of treatment with
anticoagulant durgs (esp heparin). opinion is divided about best treatment
(ie, operate to decompress hematoma vs wait for healing to take place),
but those who operate do IMMEDIATELY (after 24 hrs, any compression injury
to a nerve is irreversible and one must just await regeneration--the
hematoma will be resorbed faster than the nerve will heal). Femoral nerve
compressions tend to heal well unless the nerve is actually torn (this
about requires fracture or penetrating wound as the tearing agent).
Healing usually starts to become evident within twelve to twenty weeks or
so and will show up first on EMG. why do yr son's doctors want to operate?
you could ask them.

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