Please help me with Spinal Cerabelar Digenorosis

MDedeux mdedeux at
Wed Sep 13 01:44:07 EST 1995

That's what I think think it called.

I'm 23 and I have this condition. As far I know it is caused by a section
of dead brain cells in the part of the brain that controls speech and
muscle control.  My symptoms are: very bad speech (speech therapy helped a
lot) and very bad balance (coordination) among other things. I suspect my
food allergies are connected to this condition because when my allergies
act up these symptoms are magnified. 
It would mean everything to me if someone could give me some info or hook
me up with someone who might be able to help.  

I am using one of those free trial memberships, so I might never get your
message if you don't contact me outside computerland.
My address is: Marc Dedeaux, 1135 Wellington Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103

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