control solenoid valves with a PC?

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Wed Sep 13 09:09:06 EST 1995

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> dear netters,

> I am looking for a software/hardware solution to control up to 8 solid 
> state relays with a PC via TTL pulses. These relays are intended to 
> command the opening and closing of solenoid valves that let pass odors to 
> stimulate olfactory organs of insects. We would like to achieve 
> stimulations at a maximal rate of 10 KHz and over durations from 1 minute 
> to less than one hour.

> We have prototyped a program to drive the parallel port of a PC but we 
> lack time and competence to achieve a completely tested and reliable 
> program.

> The optimum solution would be to have such a program running 
> independently in a PC while the main processor is running data 
> acquisition and display at rates of 10 kHz / 1 - 8 channels. For example 
> using a PC card with a processor or a micro-controller on board that 
> could load complex sequences and being able to start the program on will 
> would be perfect! However for moderately complex sequences, I guess that 
> a solution relying upon the on-board PC timer and trapping clock 
> interrupts would do the job as well.

> Do you know any existing (and cheap) software/hardware combination that 
> would meet these requirements?

> Many thanks in advance for any cue. 

Dear Frederic.  While I am not in a position to  help you, I am an inveterately
curious neurophysiologist.  Can you tell me a little about what you are doing?
It sounds exciting


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