LSD Huh?

EEtoPharmD eetopharmd at
Thu Sep 14 15:25:17 EST 1995

saw about 10 docs.  couldn't find anything.  and I had taken other lsd
from the same sheet as this as well as other friends had taken some, and
this never happened.  I had experienced pains before, but they went
away... I thought it was just muscle tensions...


see a doctor. it sounds like a kidney stone/infection or numerous other 
possibilities. i doubt the lsd had anything to do with it. pure 
coincidence? also don't forget that most street lsd has strychnine and/or 
speed. i don't where you got yours or if these other compounds could be 
causing your problems....

-neal prakash md/phd student, uci.

> During an LSD trip about 8 months ago (very low-dose... apprx 30mcg)...
> experienced severe pain in the testicular region.
> That continued for a few months...
> Then the pain "moved" up to my back... so now it is in both areas.
> This pain started DURING the trip.
> Does anyone think it is possible that I am still suffering from
> drug effects?  Could it have something to do with seratonin gone wild? 
> From what I understand, current research shows that certain seratonin
> sites play a role in pain reception...


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