Immunofluorescence staining of cell membranes ?

Stephen Maidment spkaslm at
Thu Sep 14 12:02:44 EST 1995

In article <439fid$3uh at>, goran at (G.P.) says:
>What is commonly used to stain immunohistochemically cell membranes ?
>I'd prefer not to have staining of nuclear and other intracellular
>membranes, but could live with it if absolutely necessary.

Hi Goran.

What particular aspect of the cell membrane do you want to demonstrate,
the shape of the cell perhaps? here in the Neuropathology Department of
the Institute of Psychiatry in London none of us can think of an 
immunoreagent which demonstrates the actual membrane but there are of
course several commercially available antibodies directed against specific
components of it. I presume you are working with tissue of neuroectodermal
origin so you might like to try an anti N-CAM antibody. If we knew a 
little more about what you are attempting to do then we may be in a better
position to offer advice.


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