HELP! need articles

Beth Sipple ayla at
Thu Sep 14 12:52:40 EST 1995

Please help me!  I am doing a seminar presentation on epilepsy and its 
treatment.  I have been trying to locate a journal called Seizure. There 
are several articles that I need from this journal.  If anyone can fax me 
the article I would appreciate it very much.

"Epilepsia arithmetices: study of four cases"   Seizure. 2(1):35-43,1993 Mar.

"University students with epilepsy:  a study of social aspects."  
Seizure. 1(3): 173-6, 1992 Sep.

TIA.  Beth Ann Sipple
      Biology Department
      Temple University
      Fax# 215-204-6646

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