Unethical practices - drug industry

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Thu Sep 14 08:58:15 EST 1995

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>Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:12:00 GMT

>MAIKAI (maikai at aol.com) wrote:
>: Were they MontBlanc or Waterman, by any chance?  You mean you actually
>: bought your first stethoscope? (not a gift from a drug co?)  Groan, you've
>: forced me to go through my stacks of literature........I'll give you the
>: "referrals" this weekend when I have more time.  I did read that the docs
>: that were good customers tended to get the good stuff......so perhaps you
>: can't be bought..... and the drug reps could see that....and nowadays,
>: blatant expensive gifts are illegal...I do think the bogus study
>: reimbursements are still being done, though. 

>Excuse me if this is a dumb question.  But how do the drug companies know 
>which doctors are "good" customers?  Aren't what the doctor prescribes 
>and who it's for kept confidential?   What's to keep the doctor from 
>taking all those expensive gifts, telling the rep he's prescribing their 
>overpriced meds, and then giving his patients a generic alterntative 
>which works just as well?

I do this all the time.   Still all I get is those dumb pens.....(g)

Dr. P

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