pleasure center immunomodulation

Fri Sep 15 10:56:59 EST 1995

I am currently involved in a study as an undergraduate concerning the 
immunomodulating effects of pleasure center stimulation.  I am familiar 
with studies showing increased antibody response to antigen when rats 
were allowed to electrically self stimulate or were 
electrically stimulated in various pleasure centers.  I am not;however, 
familar with studies showing increased antibody response when pleasure 
centers were chemically stimulated.  We have set up a procedure which 
would use miniosmotic pumps to continually pump dopamine into the brain 
of rats.  I have run across a few questions which I hope can be 
answered on this post.

1. Is anyone familiar with similar research?
2. We intend to insert the cannula into the nucleus accumbens- are there 
any preferred stereotaxic coordinates?
3. We intend to run the pumps for 3 weeks at a rate of .25 micro L /hr.- 
are there any suggested dopamine concentrations- my only references on 
this are Costall et al. in which locomotor response was studied.
4. How likely is dopamine to cross the blood/brain barrier?... and effect 
peripheral immune responses?
5. Would dopamine/CSF- 0.1% sodium metabisulphite aliquots be stable 
frozen over a long period? 

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