Immunofluorescence staining of cell membranes ?

Stephen Maidment spkaslm at
Fri Sep 15 15:24:47 EST 1995

Hello again Goran.

I apologise for the delay; I tried to contact you on e-mail but our 
server did not recognise your address. After a brief conversation with my 
boss who is an expert in such matters, the best way of visualising the 
membrane under the light microscope is to stain membrane ATP-ase. 
Apparently the membrane can also be stained with Ruthenium Red which is 
visible under the light microscope and appears electron dense under the 
electron microscope. Both techniques are applicable to histological 
specimens and the boss tells me that he even has some protocols somewhere. 
If I can catch him at a convenient moment I can ask him for them and fax 
them to you if you are interested.

Hope this is of some help



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