Unethical practices - drug industry

Jason Kennerly jkenner at cello.gina.calstate.edu
Sat Sep 16 14:10:09 EST 1995

sbharris at ix.netcom.com (Steven B. Harris ) writes:
>    Could you post the names of drug companies who give briefcases and
> computers to doctors?  Somehow I've always missed them and got nothing
> but the lousy pens.


I've seen a really spiffy "Zoloft" clock - see thru, appeared that LCD 
numbers were "floating" in glass. Nothing more expensive ever...

Promotional literature is cool. I especially like the creative ways 
journal articles and data are "extracted" into one big packet that makes 
a drug look like a godsend. ... and makes the competitors drug look evil. 
One of the best examples of such promotional PR I have seen to date is 
the one Lilly puts out about "dose titration in the naturalistic 
setting"... the actual study contained at the core is very interesting as 
it never mentions how initial antidepresant choice was made, WHY zoloft 
dose was raised wheras prozac dose was not (fluoxetine, being less 
selective than sertraline, probably has a higher incidence of SIDE 
EFFECTS at higher dosages... heheheh) etc etc

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