QUESTION regarding autoreceptor affinity

Doneuron doneuron at
Sun Sep 17 11:37:16 EST 1995

If you are talking about the dopamine receptor classes then I would say
that both D2/D3 receptors are located both pre and post synaptically and
these have equal affinity because they are identical receptors.  The
regulation of autoreceptors occurs in many places such as impulse
regulation autoreceptors on the cell bodies and dendrites of DA cells,
release regulating autoreceptors located on the terminal (D2/D3) and
synthesis regulating autoreceptors --terminal (D2/D3).  The difference
between the autoreceptors located presynaptically and the post are tha the
post have D1 and D2/D3 receptors which act synergistically to produce
alarger physiological response than they would acting alone, so in this
way post synaptic responses are allowed to "get through".

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