LSD Huh?

Jason Kennerly jkenner at
Sun Sep 17 14:39:38 EST 1995

eetopharmd at (EEtoPharmD) writes:
> During an LSD trip about 8 months ago (very low-dose... apprx 30mcg)... I
> experienced severe pain in the testicular region.
> That continued for a few months...
> Then the pain "moved" up to my back... so now it is in both areas.
> This pain started DURING the trip.
> Does anyone think it is possible that I am still suffering from "lasting"
> drug effects?  Could it have something to do with seratonin gone wild? 
> From what I understand, current research shows that certain seratonin
> sites play a role in pain reception...

While urban myth attributes back pain to "strychnine in the acid" [which 
is just not possible for blotter acid], its morelikely that the tripper 
was maintaining odd posture for extended periods of time due to their 
altered mind state. I reached this conclusion independantly after having 
observed that UNIVERSALLY those who were physically active [moving] 
during the trip ... never .. ever ... complained of back pain from "bad 
acid", while the trippers who spend hours sitting staring at walls had 
experienced back pain!!!

Perhaps you somehow injured yourself and were unaware of it at the time. 
Suffice to say that LSD did *not* cause any testicular problems, however 
you may have unintentionally damaged yourself. See a doc, dont mention 
the acid though...

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