LSD Huh?

Jason Kennerly jkenner at
Sun Sep 17 14:46:12 EST 1995

eetopharmd at (EEtoPharmD) writes:
> see a doctor. it sounds like a kidney stone/infection or numerous other 
> possibilities. i doubt the lsd had anything to do with it. pure 
> coincidence? also don't forget that most street lsd has strychnine and/or 
> speed. i don't where you got yours or if these other compounds could be 
> causing your problems....

Utter nonsense. There are no amphetamines that are active in a 
dose that would fit on a "tab" of acid without giant crystal formations 
showing.... so unless your blotter is encrusted with little crystals, 
there is no speed (!or! strychnine) in the LSD.

The "speedy" effect comes from LSD's slight pro-cholinergic effect, and 
is dramatically enhanced by procholinergics such as DMAE or Choline, if 
you like that effect.

Were amphetamine [not visible] on a tab, well... microgram dosages of 
amphetamines are nothing... the therapeutic dosage for d-amphetamine is 
5 to 20mg, often the same for methedrine. Abuse dosages are often far far 

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