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Hello, colleagues!

I remember some troubles with time processing of signals 
inside the brain parenchymae.  Sincerely I followed them
no much, but I remember an article in Brain and another
in the J. of theor. Biology, both of the eighties, formu-
lating the matter as an insufficiency of synaptic relays
to explain some reactions registered at the cortices. Of
course, this was immediately employed to show the physi-
cal fundamentality of the soul and its speed of light, or
like tenets, but what seems scientifically interesting is
looking for any unbiased gathering of the neural facts.
Perhaps someone knows more of it...

Regarding Seto's requirement of fundamental-physics expla-
nations of consciousness, this of course is central for
achieving non-Turing automata and, as such, eagerly sought for
by industry... without immediate breakthroughs in the loom.
In our tradition  -the Argentine-German Neurobiological School,
whose hylozoism I mentioned in my last posting-	  fundamental-
physics matters received great impulse since the 1960's by
Prof. Mario Crocco  -whom I also mentioned- and disciples,
but, to maintain settings within the neurosciences, all
these works recognized the need of an expanded physics in the
aggregation of sensuality, to sexual recombination and nutrition
procurations.  This aggregation is a paleontological fact argua-
bly present since the Ordovician brain development, and really
its eventual involvement of natural vacuum-engineering is to be
explored. (Not by deductions from already dubbed matrices, sure-
ly, but by experiment!).

In this context Sato's excerpta could perhaps be useful -proba-
bly he thinks no, since he make not available his remarks on
the natural events supporting his description in a shareable,
concise language.  It is a pity he forgots that many colleagues
have not access to WWW and don't always use mathematical prefigu-
rations to argue, even having (as several here) full doctorates in
Physics and Mathematics and working professionally in neuroscien-

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