Electrode drift

Nick Breakwell nbrkwell at mail.tcd.ie
Mon Sep 18 05:52:39 EST 1995

In article <199509160055.RAA24895 at net.bio.net>,

> Hello,
>  Anyone can give me some suggestions on how to get rid of electrode drift?
> I'm doing whole-cell patch on isolated cells, using a Narashige 3-D hydraulic
> (oil) manipulator. It's not big drift, about 5 micron or so, but is enough to
> have effects on my recording.
> Someone said it was due to the manipulator---- oil will change its volume with
> temprature. I don't if it's true. Anybody has similiar experience can tell me
> something? I'll appreiciate that.

Unfortunately drift is something which seems almost impossible to remedy
without spending lots of money. I also had drift problems with a Narashige
oil manipulator but have now chnaged to a newer water based model which is
much better, I would say virtually drift free. It's a bit of an expensive
solution though.

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