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Hello, all!
            Of course, is incorrect what Dave (dave.davies@
anu.edu.ar) says about that our conventional neuroscientific
views, or its variants, can "fully" explain the brain. If it
were so both myself and all my colleagues here shall inmedia-
tely abandon the discipline.  Evidently, the natural selection
of mechanisms to produce sensuality is still almost unapproa-
ched by our science, due to general cultural reasons.

           So, without defending Ken Seto, I am much interes-
ted in what he and Dave have to say about neurobiophysics in
a submolecular, quantum-electrodynamic and field-theory level.
In a nutshell, of course, to be eventually developed!  

          As many other scientists we are too well acquainted
with the cult bussiness for wasting time in reading pseudosci-
entific coincidences with some cults' views.  So in order to
discard rapidly spurious-motivated constructions (I write in
a neurosciences lab located at the back of the main Argentinian
mental health hospital, and we have a lot of experience in para-
phrenic insidiousness) what we need is a statement of facts li-
ke that I repeteadly asked from Sato. However, and in the same
way of presentation, Dave's views can be also most interesting
and I hope see them posted here.


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