Explainning the consciousness processes by new physical theories

Ken Seto kenseto at erinet.com
Sun Sep 17 23:27:06 EST 1995

mglinws at aol.com (MGLinWS) wrote:

>What is the "most fundamental level" ?

The most fundamental level involves the effect of space geometry on
the behaviour of an organized system of particles such as the electron
and the quarks. This organized system we would be identified as a

>Theories in the absence of testable hypotheses are not theories at all but
>instead speculations.  It is easy to speculate.  It is difficult to
>generate testable hypotheses (and even more difficult to actually test

My theories are testable. I have designed detail experiments to
confirm the existence of a medium occupying space.

>Why is this discussion going on in a neuroSCIENCE group ?

This discussion is going on in the neuroscience group because my
theories suggest that the consciousness process is initiated  by the
geometry of this medium occupying space. For more information refer to
my web page <http://www.erinet.com/kenseto/book.html>
kenseto at erinet.com

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