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> Hello, all!
>             Of course, is incorrect what Dave (dave.davies@
> anu.edu.ar) says about that our conventional neuroscientific
> views, or its variants, can "fully" explain the brain. If it
> were so both myself and all my colleagues here shall inmedia-
> tely abandon the discipline.  Evidently, the natural selection
> of mechanisms to produce sensuality is still almost unapproa-
> ched by our science, due to general cultural reasons.

If you only knew what went on in Bechtereva's lab at the Leningrad
Military Hospital (Russia) in the late 1970's, you'd probably leave
neuroscience altogether :-)

>            So, without defending Ken Seto, I am much interes-
> ted in what he and Dave have to say about neurobiophysics in
> a submolecular, quantum-electrodynamic and field-theory level.
> In a nutshell, of course, to be eventually developed!  

Read the two papers by Reid in MEDICAL HYPOTHESES 1995;44:519-535. I
think Reid gives an interesting explanation.

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>           As many other scientists we are too well acquainted
> with the cult bussiness for wasting time in reading pseudosci-
> entific coincidences with some cults' views.  So in order to
> discard rapidly spurious-motivated constructions (I write in
> a neurosciences lab located at the back of the main Argentinian
> mental health hospital, and we have a lot of experience in para-
> phrenic insidiousness) what we need is a statement of facts li-
> ke that I repeteadly asked from Sato. However, and in the same
> way of presentation, Dave's views can be also most interesting
> and I hope see them posted here.
>              Cheers!!
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