Leach Shannon ik93 at sol.acs.unt.edu
Wed Sep 20 11:05:58 EST 1995

Catolica - Laboratorio 5 (catlab5 at CR-DF.RNP.BR) wrote:

> Hi.
> A friend of mine has a baby with hydrocephaly.
> I'd like to receive all information about this desease available.

Hydrocephaly is usually (not always) the result of an anatomical 
abberation(sp).  If it is severe enough, they will put a shunt from the 
ventrical to the abdominal cavity.  Usually, these children development 
motor problems similar to (and usually diagnosed as) cerebral palsy.  In 
that case, they may want to check out either occupational and/or physical 
therapists in your area who specialize in working with infants.  Some 
training they might look for is : NDT (NeuroDevelopmental Technique) and 
a 3 week Baby course. 


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