3-0 surgical steel wire

Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Sep 20 02:23:20 EST 1995

>jomartin at crab.rutgers.edu (Joseph V. Martin) writes:
>>Does anyone know where I can get 3-0 surgical steel wire?
Didier wrote>
>What would you use steel in a surgery for? Are you sure you don't mean
>platinum wire, which is more commonly used for non-contaminating loops?
>(and can be purchased from Fisher Sci, too)
may for microsurgery or microdissection. I use tungsten wire (0.5 or 0.25
mm diameter) mounted in a regular needle holder for the microdissection of
embryonic day 2.5 - 3.5 chick neural tube, somites & notochords. It's the
best stuff I've found for really fine work & you can sterilize it after you
sharpen it electrolytically  (no grindstone for me Haha). Any good for your
work Joseph?


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