question- field potential & population spike

MGLinWS mglinws at
Thu Sep 21 16:51:04 EST 1995


I want to make sure you do not misunderstand a recent post by
hdvorak at (Hannah Dvorak), 
who wrote:

:The extracellular signal from a single neuron is extremely small 
:and thus next to impossible to record. 

This is not true.  Extracellular recording methods allow one to record
precisely these events.  You should know that many of us consider these
"spikes" to be essential to understanding the computations performed by
neurons in places like the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, where much
work on LTP has been done.  In fact, if an LTP-like process is involved in
neural plasticity, we may one day find proof for such a process through
single-unit recording methods in behaving animals that demonstrate changes
in neural activity that parallel changes in behavioral performance (i.e.,

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