Explaining consciousness processes by "new" (physical?) theories

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>Subject: Explaining consciousness processes by "new" (physical?) theories
>Hello, all!
>Joseph Strout is to be congratulated for his having made Ken Seto
>to speak.  Ex ungue leonem!  Seto's first answer (about cell divi-
>sion) is -just now!!!- so blatantly inadequate that netters with
>even a moderately serious command of the subject shall surely es-
>cape of wasting time reading what Seto believes to have to say on
>the other subject, consciousness.
>In this second regard, Seto's second answer shows with like evi-
>dence that he frames his thoughts inside the neurobiological tra-
>ditions of the central countries. So Seto is, sorrily, in too good
>a company in ignoring the developments made in other, more remote,
>E.g., ours, inchoated 1879 (but fully fledged since 1899) is hylo-
>Seto's wiews, upon their posted samples, seem an elaboration  -upon
>ignote loan paths; and surely without hylozoism-  of Christfried
>Jakob's views of the system of stationarities defined by interfering
>macro- and micro- reverberating circuits.
>Professor Jakob forwarded them since 1906 (of course, for the connoi-
>sseurs, elaborating factually upon speculations from Hartley and Kant)
>and after Prof. Jakob's death in 1956 they were greatly developed by
>his school here, chiefly by Prof. Mario Crocco and his disciples; and
>since the 1960's, by Prof. K.H. Pribram and his also numerous scholars
>(Barrett, Westlake, Pollen, etc.). These last, of course again,	did
>always operate -just as Sato's samples-  framed inside the pythagoric-
>parmenidean background so dominating in the main countries.
>Since most of the mentioned remote scientific traditions still have not
>access to WWW but only to e-mail, even knowing of Sato's inappropria-
>te choosing of academic formulations (having said that neuroscientists
>do not know how neurons communicate is doubly erroneous!: as a communi-
>cation to Neuroscience at net does not contribute to discussion; and also
>supposses consciousness explanations to depend from a neuron theory 
>today obsolete) I think it would be important that Sato makes available
>for E-MAIL just only the adjudgeable portion of his contribution.
>This is, I think, just his chapters or paragraphs pointing out clearly
>and without neither rethoric nor repetitions, the facts he believes to
>exist to support what he dubbs "E-Strings of the E-Matrix", and defining
>these natural events -or elements- in a way apt to distinguish them from
>those proposed by Franz Nissl in "Die Neuronenlehre und ihre Anhaenger"
>(Jena, 1908). 
>Beyond his past blunders in communication, I believe that, if Sato indeed
>has something valuable to say, this is the way to put it under a fructi-
>ferous discussion.  Of course once more, the matter is just not theoreti-
>cal but of industrial importance; and, often, works on the subject are
>classified; for a now disclassified one, interested readers can look at
>Prof. Crocco UK Patent 1,582,301 (U.K. Official Journal - Patents, 7
>January 1981). 
>So I hope that true communication be reached in this Net regarding such
>specific points, at least in order to evaluate them independently of 
>Sato's failures in other regards.  This I say frankly, in no way ironica-
>lly, as my best way to pay hommage to the strivings of a scientific work.
> 			    Greetings for Sato and all!!

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