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Thu Sep 21 11:54:02 EST 1995


	About one month ago, My Fiancee, Eileen, died from a serious blood clot in the 
brain.  She was having headaches for about 3 weeks.  While the headaches were not extremely 
painful (as far as she told me), they did cause her some discomfort.  
	After taking all of these, the paid did not go away.  We went to the emergency room 
at UCLA hospital one night.  The doctor did a spinal tap, a CAT scan, as well as a 
neurological examination. All of these showed nothing - the results were normal.  He said 
she had either cluster or migraine headaches, but nothing extremely serious.  She was to 
see a doctor that week or the next week. We told the doctor she was allergic to codeine.  
He gave her Vicodan.  The Pharmacist said Vicodan had codeine. He called the Doctor, who 
said to try them with some food and milk.  I did, and she tolerated them fine.
	To make a long story short, thirty six hours, she had a seizure right in front of 
me.  She was taken to the hospital, went into a coma, and never came out.  Her Intracranial 
Pressure was over 120 (normal is 15 or less).  She was given pentabarbital, as a last 
effort.  All this drug did was to make her EEG lines flat.  She was brain dead, then 
pronounced dead two days after the seizure.
	I am devastated.  This is the worst thing in the  world that could ever happen to 
anybody.  I need help in understaning what happened, and why.  Eileen and I had a wonderful 
relationship.  My life will never be the same.
	If anyone has any information, please let me know.  The doctor said the condition 
was called superior sagittal sinus thrombosis.  I know this is extremely rare.  I am a 
graduate student in cell and molecular biology.  I am also looking for grievance groups in 
the West Los Angeles area, if anyone knows of anything.  my email is: lgeller at
	Please help me.  Please share information or thoughts.  Thank you,
	Louis Geller

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