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Philip San Filippo philip_san_filippo at
Thu Sep 21 14:26:16 EST 1995

This is to announce the World Wide Web site of the Mount Sinai School of
Dr. Arthur M. Fishberg Research Center for Neurobiology

Department Profile

Research in this center seeks to understand the anatomy and pathology of
the nervous system as well as the molecular and cellular mechanisms of
neuronal function.  Collaborations with clinical departments focus on the
mechanisms of aging and of psychiatric and neurologic diseases.

1)  the neuroendocrinology of stress feeding reproduction
2)  expression of genes for neural growth factor and growth factor receptor
3)  the distribution of neurotransmitters and their receptors in the cortex
4)  the molecular and cellular defects underlying schizophrenia and
Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases

Our address on the Web is:


Any helpful suggestions, comments, etc. concerning these pages would be

-Philip San Filippo
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