Washington, D.C., USA: Neuroimaging Postdoc at Georgetown U.

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Fri Sep 22 09:14:40 EST 1995

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Washington, DC, USA:  Neuroimaging Postdoc at Georgetown U.

  Postdoctoral opportunity in new project pursuing novel 
pharmacologic approaches in murine disease models, including 
transgenics.  Research resources include murine magnetic 
resonance micro-imaging.

  Our interdisplinary team is now recruiting a postdoctoral 
scientist with strengths in neurophysiology and experience 
with surgery and histology in murine models of CNS disorders.  
This is an exciting opportunity for a Ph.D. in neuro-
chemistry, neuroimmunology, neuropharmacology, or a related 
field, who wishes to receive training in magnetic resonance 
microscopy of brain structure and function.  Initial 
appointment for two years, commencing between now and early 

  Georgetown University, founded 1789, overlooks the Potomac 
River in Washington, D.C.  The University has a strong 
committment to the neurosciences, and offers competitive 
salary and benefits.

  To apply, please send C.V. (including professional 
references), for immediate attention, to:

James J. Pekar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology
G.I.C.C.S. - Research Building EP04
Georgetown University Medical Center
3970 Reservoir Road
Washington, DC 20007  USA

fax: (USA) 202.687.0617

e-mail:  <pekarj at medlib.georgetown.edu>

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