Announcement:2nd Internet Congress on Biomedical Science

Sumio Murase murase at
Fri Sep 22 14:55:35 EST 1995

Call for Paper

Invitation to 
The 2nd Internet World Congress on  Biomedical Science '95
     On behalf of the congress it is our great pleasure to invite you to 
the 2nd Internet  World Congress on Biomedical Science to be held on 
the World Wide Web server (URL 
>From December 4 to 15, 1995. 

You will find posters with color figures and photographs at the virtual
conference hall. If you give any question to authors of posters, they
through WWW server. This is actually an innovative application of the
Internet. We would like to call for your posters. Please take part in
conference of new style." See also the proceedings of the 1st WWW
Congress (

* There is no registration fee or attendance fee.
* Authors of posters can get free CD-ROM proceedings after the
* Everyone interested in Biomedical Science is welcome to
attend the congress.

If you have any question, freely ask me.

Further information is available at URL

Sumio Murase, M.D., Ph.D.
Internet World Congress on Biomedical Science
office at
Mie University School of Medicine

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