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Fri Sep 22 19:04:31 EST 1995

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> Re: ADD and Ritalin
> From: shufford at (S. Craig Hufford)
> Date: 1995/09/03
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> sally at (Sally Shrom) wrote:
> >Does anyone know exactly what is going wrong at the synapes of children or
> >adults who have " attention deficit disorder"?  What does the drug Ritalin
> >do in  the brain. I understand it is used to treat the disorder.
> >   sally at
> I don¹t mean to be argumentative, but it seems as though as an Adlerian, I
> seem to have stumbled into the wrong newsgroup. Are you sure that ADD/ADHD
> is a result of a neurochemical imbalance? I happen to have ADD, and I
> THINK (ie, I have done no in-depth research on the neurochemical side)
> that this disorder is a psychological disorder, ie. behavioral (I know,
> doesn¹t really fit the Adlerian approach). Are we sure that it is not the
> behaviors that are influencing the neurotransmission of the transmitters?
> Kind of like a jogger that gets a ³runners high?² It isn¹t the endomorphs
> that are the ultimate cause of this experience, but the behaviors of the
> runner, ie, running, and jogging, that are ultimately responsible.
> -Craig
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> I feel sorry for me of yesterday, as he did not know as much, experience as much, sleep as much, or eat as much as me of today.
Having a son and husband diagnosed with ADHD and both medicating with 
Ritalin, I think the disorder causes the behavior, the impulsiveness, 
irritability, and restlessness.  Medication corrects the impulsiveness, 
which corrects the behavior and eases the restlessness.  Sort of the 
reverse of what you are saying,i.e., the lack of the neurotransmitters to 
function properly does cause the behaviorial aspects, thus making this a 
neuroscience ( chemical inbalance, which the Ritalin, by stroking the 
neurotransmitters to work properly allows for the even distributions of 
the physical properties of different chemicals to occur )
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