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> > >Does anyone know exactly what is going wrong at the synapes of children or
> > >adults who have " attention deficit disorder"?  What does the drug Ritalin
> > >do in  the brain. I understand it is used to treat the disorder.
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> Having a son and husband diagnosed with ADHD and both medicating with 
> Ritalin, I think the disorder causes the behavior, the impulsiveness, 
> irritability, and restlessness.  Medication corrects the impulsiveness, 
> which corrects the behavior and eases the restlessness.  Sort of the 
> reverse of what you are saying,i.e., the lack of the neurotransmitters to 
> function properly does cause the behaviorial aspects, thus making this a 
> neuroscience ( chemical inbalance, which the Ritalin, by stroking the 
> neurotransmitters to work properly allows for the even distributions of 
> the physical properties of different chemicals to occur )
Impulsiveness may be viewed as neuro oscillations that go critical.
EEG biofeedback training has helped these individuals tremindously.
Caffiene may help.  Caffiene block A1 receptor but not A2 receptors
for adosine (sp).  Ginger may help since it has anti-nauseua effect.
Anti-nauseua medicine have been reported as helping ADHD.  This suggest
that the thalmus is deeply involved in the problem.
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