Restless genes

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Sat Sep 23 10:20:58 EST 1995

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Eric Wassermann wrote:
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> > Eric:
> > There is growing evidence from many lines of research 
> > (epidemiological, theraupeutic, etc.) that the majority of functional 
> > neurological, psychiatric, and immune disorders are more or less 
> > related to one another in various ways.  Individual disorders do tend 
> > to "breed true", but almost invariably for both the proband and the 
> > rest of the lineage there will be other comorbid symptoms and 
> > disorders (e.g. migraines, photophobia etc, etc.)
> Well golly, as a neuroscientist and practicing neurologist, all this comes
> as a bit of a surprise.  I guess i'd better throw out my outdated
> Mendelian concept of inherited disease and look for environmental and
> polygenic influences next time I see a demented patient with chorea whose
> father and grandmother and great grandfather and great great grandmother
> and great great great...Not to mention checking for that photophobia!  
It is true that it is sad that the universe does not divide itself in
easily understandable ABSOLUTE principles.  If you throw a rock in
the ocean it raises the water levels around the world.  The rock can
be viewed as real concrete matter,  a waveform of condensed energy or
modulating energy packets, or as a temportary apparent location of
virtual particles in a quantum parallel universe.
Ron Blue

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